CLAP for Connected Engagements

Career and life planning is a lifelong process of developing, cultivating, consolidating, and implementing a personal-career identity through engagement, self-understanding, pathway exploration, and career/life planning and management.

Personal motivation is an important source of energy that drives a young person toward planning their lives and careers. Hopelessness, self-doubt, and loneliness and isolation are some of the key factors that have caused many young people to be unmotivated in their pursuit of meaningful career and life plans. Connection and engagement are keys to unlocking the powerful internal motivation instrumental to further deliberation, exploration and action.

Engagement with Self

An important aspect of engagement is with oneself, which is an intra-personal journey. We have to help young people to unlock the doors into their internal world, to overcome fears and doubts that have caused them to abandon their dreams and passions, and to take stock of strengths that could accompany them in their quests and adventures. Young people have to "connect the dots" within that could translate into life meanings and purposes, and to get in touch with the richness and depths of their interests, competence, and values that are core to finding their niches and places in the external world.

CLAP for Youth @ JC is developing a spectrum of activities and resources as tools to aid young people in their internal journeys, to help them connect and re-connect the dots that could energize and fuel their external journeys. We hope that teachers and youth workers could engage with youths and bring the best out of these tools through their empathic and genuine interaction and interventions.

Engagement with Communities

Internal and external engagements are inter-connected, simultaneous processes. Engagement with the external world, including engagement with parents, teachers, mentors, and participation in "authentic" real life experiences could help young people to consolidate their career identity, and bring about transformative insights and motivations.

CLAP for Youth @ JC provides professional training to teachers and youth workers to strengthen their skills and competence in connecting with young people for career and life planning. In schools and communities we want to offer training and support for parents so that they know how to connect with struggling young people. We engage community and business partners to provide authentic, real life experiences for young people so that their dreams, longings, and aspirations could be molded, nurtured, and supported.

Connected Engagements and Building Bridges

CLAP for Youth @ JC aims to build bridges that connects. We want to build bridges between schools and communities so that resources and professional know-hows on career and life planning are shared and connected to maximize fit-for-purpose. We want to build bridges between young people and their parents so that the dreams of children are supported and the efforts of parents are appreciated. We want to build bridges between young people and community partners so that valuable social resources and our future generations are connected and engagements in authentic career and life exposures could transform our young people.

We invite you to be our partner in developing connected engagements with and for our young people.

Professor Leung Seung Ming, Alvin
Chief Principal Investigator
CLAP for Youth @ JC