About CLAP for Youth @ JC

Young people have diverse interests and abilities, and many dreams to pursue. The transition from youth and school to adulthood and work, however, presents challenges that can leave some feeling frustrated.

"CLAP for Youth @ JC" is Hong Kong's first cross-sectoral support platform that helps students and non-engaged youth plan their futures. This five-year programme will develop an evidence-based intervention model, professional career and life planning teams, five district service teams, a one-stop e-portal and more – all to foster an enabling environment for young people to identify their career interests and develop their career roadmaps. CLAP for Youth @ JC was launched in May 2015 with a HK$500 million donation funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


  • To build an effective, holistic and sustainable career and life planning intervention model for different kinds of young people in Hong Kong and to upgrade the professionalism of career and life planning in education and social service sectors.
  • To help youth identify their career interests, and provide comprehensive information to help them make informed choices for their critical transitions.
  • To promote multiple pathways, unleash youth's potential, and develop youth's potential, positive attitudes and values towards life and career.
  • To enhance the knowledge and participation of parents and public on career and life planning, and to establish a cross-sectoral collaboration platform and support network for youth.

4 Pillars of CLAP


  • Engage in new experiences
  • Extend one’s connections with others and with the community
  • Maintain interest to participate in activities related to career and life planning


  • Know who one is and one’s hopes and dreams about work and life
  • Engage in self- reflection and self- enhancement activities
  • Connect self- knowledge with pathway options

Career & Pathway Exploration

  • Know how to explore multiple pathways and multiple forms of work and career
  • Know how to compare and prioritize pathway alternatives
  • Know how to set career and life goals

Career Planning & Management

  • Gain support and opportunities, and overcome obstacles to achieve career and life goals
  • Manage career transition and development
  • Set priority for a personalized work-life mix

Uniqueness & Innovativeness of CLAP

Target Outcomes