CLAP for Youth @ JC develops a one-stop, web-based interactive platform to help young people to explore their career related attributes, including career interest, abilities, personalities, and dreams; it also provide up-to-date career/occupation information, in an array of media and formats, mapped to individual needs and attributes; tools for individualized profiling and action planning will be developed.

In the current 1.0 version, a battery of career assessments is available for all senior form students in our network and affiliated schools. Once a young person has an individual account, he or she can navigate in the exploration portal with expanding functions, resources and services for 5 years and even more. Schools may receive group-based reports for planning and development of life planning education and career guidance. All assessment services are free of charge.

In the next stage (by mid 2016), the upgraded version will be open to all youth in our District Service Teams.