CLAP for Youth @ JC is developing tool, learning materials and resources for students and youths. They are practical and effective career and life planning resources (e.g., careers-across curriculum resources, career assessment tools and packages) that cater for the Hong Kong education and social service context, and with tailored deliverables for different groups of students populations. The materials will be ground on current theories of career development and theories of learning science. The Project conceptualize the career development needs of young people as having the following FOUR dimensions, which are: Engagement (e.g., motivation to learn, to explore; development of positive attitudes and hope) Self-exploration and understanding (e.g., interest, skills, personality, values) Career exploration (e.g., knowledge of educational pathways, knowledge of careers, person-career correspondence) Career planning and management (e.g., decision-making, implementation, job-search, career management)

Resources will be tailor-made for network schools, and shared with affiliated schools and the community in early 2016.

The Youth Development Framework below outline the key themes of engagement and learning that all our programme resources make reference to: